" For many of us, it's like the storm never left and the sun has yet to come out, because we're still looking for answers. " - A Hurricane Florence Survivor

FEMA Appeals Lab | Feb 18 - 21, 2019

RCDRC News - 2.11.2019 | RCDRC is providing a FEMA Appeals Lab February 18 - 21, 2019 for Hurricane Florence survivors who applied for disaster assistance from FEMA, but were denied. RCDRC’s Disaster Case Managers will review the denial letter(s) with survivors and provide tips on how to identify:

  • The specific data request that is outlined in the denial letter;
  • Key tangible verification documents that are necessary to support the development of a high quality appeal package.

This program service will be provided at our office on 802 N Cedar Street in Lumberton, NC on a first come, first serve basis. The public as well as RCDRC’s clients are invited to attend. Hurricane Florence survivors who are receiving disaster case management services from another provider are asked to contact their assigned Disaster Case Manager (DCM) first, so they can determine if they would like RCDRC to help their client develop an appeal strategy. If yes, DCM’s representing other organizations and agencies must submit a written referral to RCDRC on the behalf of their client in order to highlight that our collaboration is not a duplication of services or a duplication of effort.

Basic Things to Bring With You:

  • Valid Photo ID, FEMA Application
  • All of your Hurricane Florence FEMA Letters
  • Homeowners: [ Deed, Property Tax Bill ]
  • Renters: [ Lease Agreement ]
  • Proof of Income & Expenses [ie., Check Stubs, Utility Bill, etc.]
  • Proof of Insurance [ Homeowners, Renter’s, etc. ]
  • 2 Estimates of Physical Damage (Homeowners)
  • Photos of physical damage