RCDRC Funds at Risk

Post date: Feb 28, 2018 10:18:14 AM


WBTW News 13: 2.27.2017 - Robeson County Disaster Recovery Committee Funds at Risk

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Casssandra Campbell the Executive Director of Robeson County Disaster Recovery Committee (RCDRC) says a change with the fiscal agent has now put the Hurricane Matthew recovery effort in jeopardy. Campbell says more than $ 100, 000 in grant funds from several different agencies may be in danger. Campbell says the group has lost three case managers last week after the split, now they have just one until the end of March.

The United Way of Robeson County agreed to be the RCDRC fiscal agent (or sponsor) until the RCDRC moved to become a nonprofit group of its own. As the fiscal agent, the United Way would assist by accepting grant funds for the RCDRC. Last Friday, the United Way decided to part ways with the RCDRC.

Letricua Freeman, the United Way Director says the RCDRC board failed to meet 3 or 4 deadlines to become its own charity. “We have to honor deadlines and hold people accountable to the residents of our county and other people are looking at us to be good stewards,” said Freeman. Freeman says, the RCDRC board did not begin the nonprofit application with the IRS until last November but the first extension was given in August. “There were concerns. When we would ask about the paperwork they couldn’t provide. They would just tell us they had applied for it but they couldn’t tell us it would be granted in this amount of time or anything to show they were actively working on that,” said Freeman.

Campbell says now it’s on the RCDRC board to either find another fiscal agent or become a nonprofit quickly. “My heart is broken because it didn’t have to happen,” said Campbell. “We are serving one of the highest poverty areas. These individuals need our help. We’ve committed ourselves to helping them in this recovery. We knew it was a long-term effort. We know we have challenges but we need to work together.”

James Martin, the RCDRC Board Treasurer says it expects to become a nonprofit organization soon. Martin says there is no set date or timeline at this time, but the group has received feedback from the IRS. At this time the group is not looking for another fiscal agent or sponsor. Tuesday, the RCDRC board discussed buying out Campbell’s contract during a special meeting. Campbell’s contract was originally paid for with a $50,000 grant. Martin says no action was taken.