RCDRC @ the Back to School Celebration!

Post date: Aug 3, 2017 6:04:19 PM

From left to right: Ms. Sequoyah Williams, Mrs. Serilda Goodwin, & Ms. Tian Promla @ the 2017 PSRC Back to School Celebration

RCDRC News | August 3, 2017 Special thanks to The Public Schools of Robeson County (PSRC) and RCDRC Volunteers Ms. Sequoyah Williams and Tian Promla for helping us to spread the word at the PSRC Back to School Celebration on August 3, 2017 at the Southeastern Agricultural Center in Lumberton. Each year thousands of parents, caregivers, students, and volunteers from PSRC and the community attend the district’s annual Back to School Celebration that provides free bags packed with school supplies and other resources for students, parents and teachers

With the help of Ms. Amy Haigler [ PSRC Parent Coordinator ], Ms. Serilda Goodwin [ PSRC Migrant Education Coordinator ], Mr. Jay Leggette [ RCDRC Disaster Case Manager / Resource Coordinator, Ms. Jean Love [ RCDRC Disaster Case Manager / Volunteer Coordinator, Ms. Sequoyah Williams [RCDRC Volunteer], and Ms. Tian Promola [ RCDRC Volunteer ] the Robeson County Disaster Recovery Committee provided a bookmark in over 4,500 parent bags and teacher bags that are being distributed today. Through this and other outreach initiatives that include the recent launch of RCDRC.com and the distribution of flyers in the community RCDRC is spreading the message to Hurricane Matthew survivors in Robeson County that “Every Disaster Survivor Should have a Disaster Case Manager!”

As the school year begins it is important to acknowledge that there are many in our community who are engaged in the long-term recovery process including students, parents, caregivers, teachers, staff and the community. And since the one year anniversary of Hurricane Matthew will occur while classes are underway this fall, the entire community has an opportunity to work together to address the diverse unmet needs throughout Robeson County.

To learn more about available RCDRC volunteer opportunities please contact Ms. Jean Love at 910.370.1648