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Disaster Case Management

Working collaboratively with FEMA, NC Emergency Management, SBA, USDA, NC Baptist Men Disaster Relief Ministry, UMCOR, The Robeson County Department of Social Services, The Robeson County Health Department, Southeastern Health, Lutheran Services Carolina's and a diverse group of many other local, regional, state and national strategic partners, Disaster Case Managers with RCDRC provide:

  • information & referrals;
  • and long-term Disaster Case Management
  • services for eligible Hurricane Matthew survivors.

Every disaster survivor should have a Disaster Case Manager

Disaster Case Managers (DCM's) are trained individuals who work together with Hurricane Matthew survivors and diverse stakeholders through a collaborative effort that is focused on improving access to and knowledge of available / eligible resources and tools. DCM's also collaborate with eligible Hurricane Mathew survivors to develop long-term recovery plans in order to help individuals and families who have been directly impacted by disaster to get back on their feet one step at a time.

How is eligibility for Disaster Case Management Services determined?

While RCDRC readily recognizes and acknowledges that many throughout our collective community have been impacted by Hurricane Matthew and other disasters in a myriad of ways, the services that we are able to provide is limited in scope in order to:

  • prioritize the needs of those who were directly impacted by disaster;
  • prevent the duplication of services;
  • and to effectively and efficiently manage / coordinate access to
  • limited resources and tools that are available to eligible disaster survivors

Most often eligibility for services is based on verifying documents like the letters that disaster survivors received from FEMA and from other agencies and organizations. During the initial intake interview and an unmet needs assessment Disaster Case Managers work closely with survivors in order to determine eligibility for either information / referrals and or long-term recovery case management services on a case by case basis, and provide either one or both services based on the polices and procedures of the organization they represent.

Can a Disaster Survivor have more than one Disaster Case Manager?

No. While every Hurricane Matthew disaster survivor should have a Disaster Case Manger (DCM) that can help them to gain access to available / eligible tools and resources, each disaster survivor must be assigned to only one Disaster Case Manager from either RCDRC or from another service provider. Working collaboratively DCM's from both RCDRC and other service providers focus on preventing the duplication of services, fraud and abuse in order effectively and efficiently coordinate / manage limited resources and tools that are available to eligible disaster survivors.

Should I work with Disaster Case Managers at RCDRC or from another service provider?

Disaster Case Managers employed by both RCDRC and other service providers are trained to provide a high standard of customer service and are are equally committed to serving our community. Working collaboratively through the Long-Term Recovery Committee [LTRC] both Disaster Case Managers employed directly by RCDRC and those directly employed by other providers mutually focus on providing the scale of service that is needed to effectively and efficiently address the enormous and widespread needs of Hurricane Matthew survivors throughout Robeson County.