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Remembering Pat Smartt

RCDRC News 2.11.2019 | Dear Recovery Stakeholders: With a heavy heart we are sharing with you that our dearly beloved friend Ms. Pat Smartt with the Robeson County Branch of the American Red Cross / Sandhills Chapter, passed away early Sunday morning on February 10, 2019 following an extended illness that began last fall. Click here to Learn More

FEMA Appeals Lab Feb 18-21, 2019

RCDRC News 2.11.2019 | RCDRC is providing a FEMA Appeals Lab February 18 - 21, 2019 for Hurricane Florence survivors who applied for disaster assistance from FEMA, but were denied. This program service will be provided at our office on 802 N Cedar Street in Lumberton, NC on a first come, first serve basis. The public as well as RCDRC’s clients are invited to attend.

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Register Today for Environmental Health & Safety Training!

RCDRC News - February 8, 2019 | RCDRC, the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) Worker Training Program, and the International Chemical Workers Union Council (ICWUC) will provide two Environmental Health & Safety Training opportunities March 11-15, 2019. The purpose of this training is to increase awareness about the hazards associated with exposure to mold and other toxins, and to expand our mutual and collective effort to teach more members of the community how to efficiently and effectively expand access to relevant environmental health & safety resources following a disaster. RCDRC will host a "4 Day Train the Trainer Course" on March 11-14, 2019, and a "1 Day Environmental Health & Safety Class" on March 15, 2019. Members of the community and representatives from agencies, organizations, and faith-based groups are invited. Registration is required. Both classes are free and are available on a first come first serve basis, only a limited number of slots are available, so Register Today! :)

Disaster, Displacement & Disability Forum

Disability Rights North Carolina (DRNC) is arranging a community forum on March 16, 2019 in New Bern, NC from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. The focus is on how Hurricane Florence affected people with disabilities, as well as people with access & functional needs before, during and after the disaster. Keynote speakers at the forum will be Marcie Roth, CEO, Partnership for Inclusive Disaster Strategies and former director, Office of Disability Integration and Coordination at the US Dept. of Homeland Security/FEMA; and Sheri Badger, disability integration specialist, North Carolina Emergency Management.

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CDBG-DR / TRA is Available, Finally

RCDRC News - January 23, 2019 | Please be advised that Temporary Relocation Assistance (TRA) for eligible households that have been approved for construction projects through the Community Development Block Grant - DR [ or CDBG-DR Matthew ] is finally available. The TRA/URA SOP was posted online yesterday at 12:58 PM. To learn more contact our local Rebuild NC office.

WBTW, Jan 4, 2019


  • A seven-figure contract to help repair homes damaged by Hurricane Florence was cancelled in late December, a little more than a month after it was awarded, due to errors in the procurement process.

  • North Carolina Emergency Management awarded a contract to AECOM to administer a program funded by the US Federal Emergency Management Agency called the Sheltering and Temporary Essential Power Program.

  • The program, more commonly known as STEP, was designed to make minor and temporary repairs to people’s storm-damaged homes to allow them to move back in.

  • The decision in the Hurricane Florence-related contract for the STEP program is the second time in 2018 questions have been raised about the way in which NCEM awarded a contract for hurricane relief.

  • In July, a WBTV investigation uncovered efforts by senior NCEM officials to alter bid documents for a large federal contract to fund recovery efforts for Hurricane Matthew.

  • An NCEM spokesman issued the following statement in response to a request for an interview for this story: “North Carolina Emergency Management (NCEM) continues to work with volunteer organizations currently repairing homes to ensure the NC Sheltering and Temporary Essential Power (STEP) program moves forward without interruption, enabling eligible homeowners impacted by Hurricane Florence to return to their homes as quickly as possible.”


WSOC-TV : October 17, 2017 | Video: The flooding from Hurricane Matthew may be long gone, but the storm’s destruction is still felt every day. Eyewitness News reporter Ken Lemon returned to eastern North Carolina one year later and found the area is just starting to recover.

Stephanie Chavis, emergency services director for Robeson County, said there are instances in which people can't afford to rebuild. “(The) tax value on that home may have gone down over time," Chavis said. Those people who have relocated have lost almost everything in their homes, and there is a great need for new or slightly used furniture.

New local government groups are now set up to help people replace all that was washed away, but it's hard to keep up.

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WBTW News 13: October 9, 2017 | On Sunday, The Robeson County Disaster Recovery Committee hosted a one-year anniversary event to remember the destruction of Hurricane Matthew. Residents and several others gathered together to sing, rejoice and remember the damage done by Hurricane Matthew. [ Learn more ]

Flood waters rush near a car

Robesonian - August 10, 2017 | " Lumberton can expect another disaster similar to Hurricane Matthew. That was the message given to Lumberton City Council Wednesday by a consultant working on the city’s Hurricane Matthew Disaster Recovery and Resilience Initiative plan. “There will be another disaster. I bet my life on it,” said Lincoln Walther, a veteran hurricane recovery consultant from Florida. “I bet you will be hit again in 30 years.”

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Ms. Cassandra Campbell [ Executive Director, RCDRC ] helped to spread the news that "Every Disaster Survivor Needs a Disaster Case Manager" on WAGR 1340 AM during an interview with Rev. Matthews and Rev. Alford.

The on air segment featured a relevant, thoughtful Q & A session on variety of disaster recovery topics including home repair and rebuild efforts, emotional distress, mold growth in homes and apartments, services for the elderly and disabled, options available to home owners and renters, volunteer opportunities, ongoing and emerging unmet needs and more! [ Learn More ]

"Libby Turner, a FEMA coordinating officer, said her agency will work closely with the tribe in developing long-term planning for hurricane recovery and bringing in the resources to meet local needs." “We work in partnerships, and that includes philanthropy, foundations and volunteers,” she said. Turner said that FEMA places an emphasis on determining and addressing the needs of individual communities. “We try to understand the needs of the community and not just provide the assistance that law requires,” she said. [ Learn More! ] | "The University of North Carolina is conducting a study in Robeson and Cumberland Counties to understand how Hurricane Matthew affected residents. If you lived in either county during the hurricane, you’re 18 and older and you can speak English, you’re eligible to participate. The online survey will take less than 15 minutes and is anonymous. Information gathered will help develop resources to address future NC disasters."

Click here to learn more! | More than 300 FEMA employees are still in North Carolina working closely with NC Emergency Management officials and local partners to help families and communities recover from Matthew. Gov. Cooper continues to work with the state’s congressional delegation to secure more recovery help for North Carolina.

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